Outreach activities

ENABLE will bring science closer to society through several activities aimed at school children, highschool students or adults.

Participants also have the opportunity to get involved delivering microtalks on biomedicine at different pubs and bars in the city of Barcelona. Dedicated training is available for selected participants. Please, check out the registration site for more information!

Activities for the general public

The aim of the ENABLE career day was to provide chances for careers in science outside of the academic landscape. This was achieved through workshops on soft skills, career chats with non-academic science professionals, and an opportunity fair.


Wednesday 15th of November

Do you want to learn about science while having a beer? Then you shouldn’t miss this event. International students will tell you all about their research in just 10 minutes in bars across the city! An informal and interactive way to learn about the latest research advances and the first hand experience from young scientists.

Ask the scientist

Tuesday 14th of November

Cancer. A disease that is close to all of us. Take this chance to ask all those question that you always had and experts from the field will answer them! A debate to talk about treatments, research, concerns and hope.


Elena Sancho – Researcher at IRB Barcelona
Jaume Mora – Doctor at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
María Casado – Professor in Bioethics by UNESCO at the University of Barcelona
Michele Catanzaro – Moderator of the debate

Cross-disciplinary session

Wednesday 15th of November

Experts from fields as different as cinema, economics or science will gather in this inspiring session to discuss about the their personal ways to success and about how they became people with a strong leadership capacity. The aim of this activity is to show how science is not an isolated entity but a multidisciplinary area of knowledge with interactions with all other areas in society.

What do you need to be a good leader? Leadership and success in different professional disciplines

Núria López-Bigas – Pincipal investigator at IRB Barcelona
Andreu Mas-Colell – Former Minister of Economy and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia
Isona Passola – Cinema director and president of the Catalan Film Academy

“Ask the scientist” and the “Crossdisciplinary session” will take place at the

Palauet Casades, Carrer de Mallorca, 283,08037 Barcelona

19:00 – 20:30h

Activities for schools

The scientific method for children

Primary school children will learn the different steps of the scientific endeavour (observation, hypothesis formulation, testing and conclusion) through collective problem-solving strategies of practical scientific problems. Through this exercise, children will learn how science is practiced, develop critical thinking and collaborative thinking.

What is a scientist?

Young researchers will talk about their daily life in the lab and interact with primary school and high-school students. This exercise aims to uncover the role of scientists, moving away from the stereotype, portraying them as normal human beings with a great deal of curiosity.

Biomedicine is out there

Real experiments will be performed with primary and high-school students to help them understand basic molecular biology principles and techniques. This hands-on practice will contribute to increasing the curiosity of students and stimulate the formulation of questions in a scientific manner.

Online science

The role of the online world in the development of science will be introduced and high-school students will get to participate in the advancement of science on the spot through their mobile phones. This activity will encourage teenagers to connect and engage in scientific research in a fun way.