Scientific Symposium

“Breaking Down Complexity:
Innovative models and techniques in biomedicine”

This is the 1st European PhD and Postdoc Symposium and it will be held in Barcelona from the 15th to the 17th of November 2017. The aim of this conference is to highlight recent advances and applications of modern techniques and models in biomedical research. The scientific programme covers a wide range of topics, from synthetic biology to translational medicine. The symposium is organised by PhD students and Postdocs from four international institutes and will feature lectures from eight renowned invited keynote speakers. About 300 participants, mainly PhD students and Postdocs, are expected to attend. The symposium offers top-notch scientific lectures as well as opportunities for young scientists to interact with established scientists during Masterclasses or the social ‘Tapas with Speakers’ events.

Scientific sessions and keynote speakers

Session 1

Building the Foundations of Biology:
Synthetic and Cellular Research

University of Trento
Trento, Italy
The Rockefeller University
New York, USA

Session 2

The OMICS Revolution: Understanding the Layers of Life

Ecole Polytechnique
Lausanne, Switzerland
Babraham Institute
Cambridge, UK

Session 3

In Vitro to in Vivo:
Modeling Life in 3D

Milan, Italy
Copenhagen, Denmark

Session 4

From Discovery to Cure:
The Future of Therapeutics

University of Maryland
Barcelona, Spain

Exchange your science

Tapas with speakers

Informal evening discussion between the speakers and young scientists, accompanied by typical Tapas finger food. The relaxed atmosphere will facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge. The venue will be in bar or pubs. Details on the participating speakers will follow soon.

Short talks

Young researcher (PhD and PostDoc attendees) will be selected to present their current results and goals, alongside renowned speakers, in 15-minute presentations, including questions from the audience.


Active discussion in small groups of 1 or 2 articles proposed by the keynote speakers. The researcher will critically analyse with the participants the context that led to the article writing, methodology, results and interpretation. A debate on the impact on the field, general population and future research will follow. Attendees will receive information about the chosen articles two weeks before the symposium. Details on the participating speakers will follow soon.

Poster sessions

Students are invited to present their own work in two poster sessions during the scientific days of the symposium.


The event will be held in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain.

The venue will be the Palauet Casades, a neoclassical building located at the city centre.