Testimonials from previous ENABLE events

Undecided whether ENABLE is the right event for you? Check out how attendees of past ENABLE events liked the symposium, what they took away from it and what their favorite part was.

Alice F. (IEO, Milan)
ENABLE 2018 has drastically changed my perspectives for the future: ENABLE incredibly helped me out with realising career paths outside academia. Can’t wait for ENABLE 2019!
Jovana D. (IRB, Barcelona)
ENABLE was a wonderful experience! It is an event ideal for networking and exchanging ideas with the prominent scientist of today. During the Career Day there were a lot of career development activities and employment opportunities. I loved the amazing lectures given by distinguished speakers! …but the really fun part were the pub talks in Copenhagen bars.
Clarissa S. (IEO, Milan)
ENABLE has been a scientifically rewarding experience. I had the great opportunity to present my work at the poster session for the first time during my PhD. The ENABLE conference allows you to share scientific experiences and exchange ideas, and was motivating and very well organised. As a previous attendee I strongly recommend young scientists to attend ENABLE 2019!! 😀
Dorien F. (RIMLS, Nijmegen)
A highlight of ENABLE symposia are the pub talks, in which you present your work to the general public. I had the chance to stand there and trust me, it can be a real challenge! Overall, don’t miss this event!
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