Career Day

The career day is one of the core activities of the ENABLE event and participants will have the opportunity to develop their professional future as young scientists. At ENABLE 2021 we will make sure to cover the aspects we believe are critical, especially in our career chats.

Participants will have the chance to broaden their horizons and expand their capabilities through three complementary career activities: insightful discussions with experts from different career paths in the career chats section, workshops aimed at building new skills, and an opportunity fair hosting potential employment options from the academia, start-up, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.

Career chats

Career chats overcome the classical format of career development round tables providing a more direct interaction between PhD and Postdocs and experts with different profiles from academia and industry, such as PIs, industry CEOs, medical science liaison, medical advisor, regulatory affairs manger, science management consultants, editors or science communicators.

In small groups of 7-8 people, participants will have the opportunity to interact with professionals and learn more about their individual career paths, including obstacles and surprising opportunities, during intimate career chat sessions.

To make sure every participant gets the chance to talk to the career chatter he/she would like meet, we take inspiration from the speed dating idea. Small groups of participants will have brief sessions with each professional (around 20 minutes). If you have additional questions for the career chatters, get in touch with them during the coffee and lunch breaks!


Workshops during the ENABLE career day are intensive courses for small groups to help the personal and professional development of young researchers. Improve your transferable skills and achieve your professional goals, by taking part in one of the 12 workshops that will be offered. They will cover a wide range of  topics such as:

Opportunity Fair

Where will the next challenge be in your career? The ENABLE opportunity fair will be a unique occasion for young and talented researchers to meet with companies and public organisations and build up constructive interactions with people from various life science sectors. Representatives will be present from:

A list of companies taking part in the opportunity fair will be soon made available.