What is the ENABLE symposium?

The event is part of a unique series of symposia made possible through the ENABLE initiative: the European Academy for Biomedical Science. The symposium is organized by and for young researchers. Check here for more information.

When and where will it take place?

From 12th to 14th of November 2020, organized from Milan, but available for everyone.

Why should I take part?

At ENABLE you can learn from renowned scientists and develop your scientific and soft skills. ENABLE aims to involve young scientists in opening the academic world from within by promoting crosstalk between biomedical disciplines, collaboration with industry, and engagement with society.

Who is the symposium for?

For young researchers (Ph.D. students and PostDocs).

Registration process

How to register?

Registration will be announced here. Stay tuned for more information.

Does every participant have to present a poster or short talk?


Is it possible only to give a pub talk and not present a poster/short talk?

No. We encourage everybody to present a poster.

What is the deadline for the submission of abstracts for short talks and pub talks?

If you want to apply for a travel grant you must submit your abstract (for short talk and also for pub talk if you are planning to apply for it) by Early Bird registration deadline, that will be announced. After that period, the deadline for abstract submission is September 15th. If you submit it later than that we won’t be able to consider your application for the respective talks. The abstracts need to be submitted through the appropriate section of the registration procedure.

I have been selected for a short talk, can I also present a poster?

Yes, selected short talk speakers can but do not have to present a poster.

What if I am a first-year Ph.D. student and I do not have data to present?

We strongly encourage you to present a poster about your general project idea even if it is only background information and experimental plans.

Travel grants

Are there travel grants?

Yes, they are, you can find full details here.

Do I have to pay the registration fee if I apply for a travel grant?

Yes. In case you are awarded with a travel grant your registration fee will be fully reimbursed.

What happens if I do not get the travel grant and decide not to attend?

Just like all other participants, you will have the chance to cancel the registration with a full refund until September 30th . Travel grants will be announced before this date.

Can I apply for a travel grant if I only present a poster?

Yes, you can and are encouraged to do so. Remember that if you wish to apply for a travel grant, you need to submit the abstract by the Early Bird deadline.

I am finishing my master’s degree, but I will be a Ph.D. student when the symposium takes place: can I still register and be eligible for a travel grant?

Yes, if you have been carrying out research and wish to explain your results, we will welcome your application, and you will be eligible to apply for a travel grant.

If I get a travel grant, is the registration fee included in the 250€?

Travel grant winners receive a registration waiver on top of the dedicated amount for travel and accommodation.

Career Day

Can I attend more than one workshop?

Maybe. On the one hand, we want to prevent overloading the workshops, on the other hand, we want to allow a maximum of people to take advantage of them. Depending on the final capacity of each workshop, we might be able to admit more people. More information will be shared with you during the symposium. Also, keep in mind that career chats and the job fair will be running in parallel.

Who can participate in the Opportunity Fair?

All ENABLE attendees and Ph.D. students from the Milan area that wish to attend.

I am a Ph.D. student from Milan, how can I apply only for the Opportunity Fair?

You need to register at the link that we will announce on this page. We have two slots available: one in the morning and another one in the afternoon, with limited seats. In this regard, you are kindly requested to register for one of the two sessions.

How will you do a selection for external participants?

The selection will be made on the first-come, first-served basis according to the slot you have chosen.

If I am an external participant, upon my arrival at the Opportunity Fair, should I register at the front desk?

Yes, at your arrival, you will be registered and provided with a badge with  QR code to check your entrance and exit. We trust in your collaboration for this procedure as we are inside the private MIND area.

How can I move in the MIND area?

Inside the MIND area, you cannot move independently: a shuttle bus service will take you directly from the entrance to Cascina Triulza, where the Opportunity Fair will be held, and back to the exit. Enable organizing staff will help and assist you.

Will there be food provided for external participants?

No, but at Cascina Triulza, you will find catering outlets offering food and drinks on payment.


Where does the symposium take place?

The ENABLE Symposium will be held inside the MIND area (ex Expo area), in the following buildings:

  • Palazzo Italia – Human Technopole Foundation’s headquarters

c/o Cargo 11, Via Cristina Belgioioso, 171

20157 Milan

Phone: +39 02 30247001

  • Social Innovation Academy of Fondazione Triulza (Career Day)


20157 Milan

Is there a free Wi-fi at the venues?

Yes, there is.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, there is a cloakroom available at the Human Technopole. It is an open one, so please do not leave important or valuable things. The Organizers will not take responsibility for these.

Is there an ATM?

There are no ATMs inside the MIND area, you can find them all over Milan.

Are there disabled facilities at the venues?

All public entrances allow for access by wheelchair via low gradient ramps. Once inside the venues, all floors are offering lifts and unobstructed access.

Can I take pictures/videos at the symposium?

Inside the MIND area, including Human Technopole and Cascina Triulza, it is not possible. The organizers will take care of this.

How can I move in the MIND area?

Please be informed that inside the MIND area is not possible to move independently; for this reason, transfers by private buses will be organized to take you from the entrance to the different sites and back; there will also be transfer services between Human Technopole and Cascina Triulza.

All the access and exit will be monitored in real-time, so please remember to take always with you your personal badge with the QR code.

How to reach Milan?

Milan has three main airports:


Linate airport is located in the city of Milan.

If you land at Linate airport we suggest you to take a taxi to reach the hotel (if it is located in the center of Milan).

There is the connection between Milan Duomo MM1 – MM3 (Piazza Diaz) and Linate Airport (and vice versa) operated by bus line 73; the travel will last 60 minutes.

The stop is located in front of the arrivals at Linate airport.

There are also buses that make services between Linate airport and Milano Centrale FS train station in case your hotel/hostel is close to such an area. The buses are in front of the arrivals at Linate airport and it is possible to book tickets at the following link https://www.milano-aeroporti.it/linate-shuttle/index.html or buy them directly in place.


Malpensa airport is located 45 km far from Milan.

Malpensa has got two Terminals linked by a free shuttle bus that is available every 15 minutes, 24/7.

Inside Terminal 1 and 2 of the Malpensa airport, there is the “Malpensa Express Train”, a special train that takes you directly to Cadorna train station (Piazza Cadorna), located in the center of Milan. There is a train every 20/30 minutes. The trip lasts from 29 to 36 minutes (it depends on how many stops the train will do). The ticket costs € 13,00 one-way. You can buy the ticket: at the ticket office inside the airport (open from 5.30 a.m. to 12.20 a.m.), at the dedicated ticket machines, or online (https://www.malpensaexpress.it/en/ ). The special fare is available for return tickets. From the Cadorna train station, you can take a taxi to reach the hotel if it is located in the center of the city.  The taxis are available just in front of the main entrance/exit of the Cadorna train station.  Otherwise, in piazza Cadorna, there are many different buses and trams that can take you to the different parts of the city. Detailed information about public transportations are available at the ATM Points (Piazzale Luigi Cadorna, inside the metro) or through the ATM Milan Official App (https://www.atm.it/en/ViaggiaConNoi/Pages/ATMMobile.aspx). In front of the arrivals, there are also buses that take you directly to Centrale train station FS; you can buy the tickets in the shop inside the airport or on board from the driver. If you need to reach the symposium venue directly from the airport, please reach the Cadorna train station and take the underground MM1, red line, direction: Rho-Fiera Milano and get off at the last stop: Rho-Fiera Milano.


This airport is located at Orio al Serio (Bergamo) and it has many low-cost flights.

Many different buses take you from the airport directly to Centrale Train Station FS or Fiera Milano Rho-Pero. Timetables, tickets, etc. are available here: https://www.milanbergamoairport.it/en/bus/

The buses are in front of the arrival and departure lanes.


If you reach Milan by train, we suggest finding trains that go directly to Centrale train station FS, the most important train station in Milan.

How to get to the symposium venues?

How to reach Human Technopole and Cascina Triulza:


  1. Take underground MM1 (red line), destination Rho-Fiera Milano, stop Rho-Fiera Milano (it will take around 30-35 minute from the city center, 45-50 minutes if you need to change underground lines or you are not accommodated in the city center);
  2. When you arrive at Rho-Fiera Milano, please exit the turnstiles and turn right following the indications for “Stazione Ferroviaria” (train station) and “Via Risorgimento” to reach the train station;
  3. Pass track no. 6 Walk across the train station;
  4. When you reach a wall with red and yellow tiles, turn right;
  5. Walk straight and exit from the underground and reach the main entrance of the MIND area; you will find there Enable Milan Staff to welcome you;
  6. In the underground, you will find Enable Milan staff to help you;
  7. A detailed map can be found at https://www.humantechnopole.it/en/contact-us.


There are various train lines (more info available at www.trenitalia.it ) that stop at RHO-Fiera Milano station. From Milano Centrale station, it takes 15-20 minutes to get to the RHO-Fiera station. There are also suburban train lines (S5S6S11) that stop at RHO-Fiera Milano station. Once arrived at the station, please follow the instruction above from point n.3.

Only for Milanese and Italian attendees:

  • If you come by underground, please follow the instructions mentioned above;
  • If you come by train your train station is Rho-Fiera Milano;
  • Follow the indications “Exit – via Risorgimento”;
  • Pass through track no. 6, keep the right side;
  • When you reach a wall with moving red and yellow tiles, turn right;
  • Walk straight and exit from the underground and reach the main entrance of MIND area; you will find here Enable Milan Staff to welcome you;
  • In the underground, you will find Enable Milan staff to help you.

Which public transportation can be used in Milan?

You can find taxis parked in the “taxi area” all around the city or by calling them at the following numbers:

02/8585 – 02/6969  – 02/4040 – 02/4000

The official taxis are white cars with the sign “taxi” on the top and they are equipped with a taximeter to define the cost. Not all taxis take credit cards, please ask before boarding or when you call them.


All public transportation in Milan is managed by ATM (http://www.atm.it/en). There are four major underground lines (MM1 red – MM2 green – MM3 yellow, MM5 lilac, and several buses and tram lines). Please remember that the service starts at 6 am and the underground stops at midnight (1.00 am on Saturdays night) while trams and buses stop at 2 am.

New tickets and travel cards will be valid for use with the ATM transport network and train lines (“treno suburbano”) operating within the Integrated Fare System (STIBM) area. You can buy ATM tickets at any of the authorized outlets (bars, tobacconists, stationers, newspaper stands) found throughout the Milan area and on intercity routes. You can also buy tickets in all underground stations at the dedicated ticket machines; these machines accept both coins and banknotes, credit cards and bank cards (please use preferably coins and banknotes). You cannot buy tickets onboard.

Ordinary tickets and travel cards

The following ordinary tickets are available with the new Fare System and are the ones we suggest you for your stay in Milan:

  • Ordinary ticket Mi1 – Mi3: the time validity from the first validation varies with the number of zones purchased: 75 minutes for two zones + 15 minutes for each additional zone. In Milan, the minimum fare that can be purchased is 3 zones and is valid from the first validation for 90 minutes;
  • 10 trip tickets: only blocks of 10 tickets of 3 zones Mi1 – Mi3 fare, each valid for 90 minutes, are on sale. The trips cannot be used on road services managed by operators other than ATM and Trenord; more than one person cannot use it at the same time;
  • Weekly travel card: valid from Monday to Sunday of the same week until the end of the service of Sunday, without limit to the number of journeys within the territory defined by the zones purchased;
  • The new Integrated Fare System divides the territory of Milan – Monza Brianza into fare zones marked with codes ranging from Mi1 to Mi9; a total of 28 fares are on sale, deriving from all possible combinations of the zones;
  • For the symposium site, you need an ordinary ticket Mi1-Mi3 zones;
  • Further information about fares, ordinary and occasional tickets, general rules of use, etc. are available at https://nuovosistematariffario.atm.it/en/.


Is accommodation provided by Organisers?

The accommodation is not provided by the Organisers.

Milan offers a wide variety of accommodation all over the city: hotels, hostels, B&B, temporary rent apartments, etc.

Are there special hotel offers for people attending the symposium?

No, but we have some suggestions for you. Check the next question.

Where can I find accommodation in Milan?

The Organisers suggest finding the best room rates online, due to periodic pricing variations.

Following, you can find some suggestions for hostels/hotels/B&Bs all around Milan, that are well served by public transportations:

Hostel Combo

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83


It is located in the Navigli area (canals), underground:  MM2 (green line), stop Porta Genova.

La Cordata Accommodation San Vittore 49

Via San Vittore, 49 – Milan


It is located in the center of Milan, walking distance from underground MM2 (green line), stop S. Ambrogio.

La Cordata Accommodation Zumbini 6

Via Zumbini 6 – Milano


it located in the south part of Milan, close to the Navigli area and to underground MM2 (green line), stop Romolo.

New Generation Hostel Navigli

Via Marco Burigozzo, 11


It is 100 mt far from the tram stop to Piazza Duomo MM1 (red line), stop Duomo

It is located in the Navigli area (canals), underground:  MM2 (green line), stop Porta Genova.

New Generation Hostel Urban Brera

Via Renzo Bertoni 3


it is located in the center of the city. MM1 (red line) close to the hostel, walking distance from the stop Turati.

Hostel Bello

Via Medici, 4 – Milan


It is located in the center of the city. Underground MM1 (red line) and MM2 (green line).

Hostel Bello Grande

Via Roberto Lepetit, 34 – Milan


It is located in a walking distance from Centrale train station FS and last stops for all the buses coming from the different airports. Connected to Rho Milano Fiera by regional train line 3 (RE_3) or underground MM3 (yellow line).

Hostel Ostelzzz

Via Giorgio Jan, 5 – Milan


It is located close to viale Buenos Aires, one of the shopping Milanese area; underground MM1 (red line), stop “Lima”.

Primopiano B&B

Via Voghera, 8


Located in the Navigli area, close to MM2 (green line), stop Porta Genova.

Guest house Minas

Via Pietro Calvi, 18


Close to underground MM1 (red line).

B&B Casatitta

Via Giulio Belinzaghi 21, 20159 Milano MI


It is located in the north part of Milan, underground MM3 (yellow line), Maciachini stop.

Hotel Paradiso (**)

Via Benedetto Marcello


It is located into the Centrale train station FS area, close to MM3 (yellow line) and MM2 (green line), Moscova stop.

Hotel Riter (***)

Corso Garibaldi 68 – Milan


It is located in Garibaldi area, close to underground MM2 (green line), stop Garibaldi.