Career Day

With the career day, the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE event will give participants the opportunity to get inspired about their future as young scientists and to broaden their skill set to take their future in their own hands. Participants can take advantage of different activities throughout the day to build new skills or join discussions about possible career paths outside the academia landscape.


During the 2023 Career Day, participants will have the opportunity to join some of the workshops that will be organized on personal and professional development.

Career Chats

Professionals will be from academia, industry, or private companies etc. This may include PIs, medical science liaisons, medical advisors, regulatory affairs managers, science management consultants, editors or science communicators, among others.

Job Fair

The 2023 Opportunity Fair will provided a unique occasion for young and talented researchers to meet up with companies and organisations and build constructive interactions with people from various life science sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies
  • Academic organisations
  • Scientific Societies