Career Day

The ENABLE 2018 Career Day will take place in Copenhagen on the 7th of November and is one of the principal activities of the symposium. The aim of the event  is to create a common ground where PhD students and postdocs from all over Europe can interact with professionals from different fields to discuss career perspectives beyond the bench. The all day activities will consist of “career chats”, workshops and opportunity fair and will provide attendees new skills to effectively manage their professional development.

Career chats

Broaden your Horizon talking to professionals

What is it?

Career Chats overcome the classical format of career development roundtables providing a more direct interaction between PhD and Postdocs and professionals that hold a PhD but moved beyond academic research like industry CEOs, consultants, editors or science communicators.

How does it work?

Each session will last 30-45 min and will involve 15-20 participants who will have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions to the professional participating in that session. At the end of the allotted time, participants will move on to another Career Chat with a different professional.


Workshops during the ENABLE career day are intensive courses for small groups to help the personal and professional development of young researchers. Improve your transferable skills and achieve your professional goals attending the ENABLE workshops!
Workshop 1 - Successful interviews: from preparation to mindset

Presented by Mary Kagendo Kobia, International Staff Mobility, UCPH

How to prepare for a job interview? What to pay particular attention to in your personal sales material such as your CV? This workshop focuses on breaking down the process of the job interview as well as giving you tips on dos and don’ts when writing your CV. In this interactive session, we will go through:

  • The different types of CVs (academia vs industry)
  • Tips on how to personalize your CV
  • How to prepare for a job interview?
  • How to deal with performance anxiety and nervousness?
  • Top 9 interview questions you should be prepared to answer!
  • How to create energy and engage your audience at a job interview?

Join this informal and cozy event where you will get the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and get inspiration on how you can improve your performance and personalize your CV!

Workshop 2 - Effective presentations: from attractive posters to inspiring talks

Presented by Claus Desler Madsen, UCPH

Effectively sharing our research with presentations is an important part of our work as scientists. Our ability to clearly communicate our research contributes to career success by enabling productive feedback and achieving recognition in your scientific community. We have all experienced dry and flat presentations that fail to engage the audience and lack enthusiasm. Don’t let it happen to you too! In this workshop, we will cover the fundamental but often overlooked features of an excellent presentation, including content and delivery.

Workshop 3 - Transferable skills: from identification to progress

Presented by Louise von Stechow, Associate consultant at Catenion

Over the course of their careers, young researchers acquire a set of transferable skills that they are not aware of and that are of great value when choosing a career path. Scientists are often trapped in the loop of not knowing what to do next in their career path, being this inside or outside academia. In this workshop, participants will be guided towards understanding where their interests lie, reflect on their goals and better assess which jobs might suit them better.

Workshop 4 - Protecting your ideas: from discoveries to patents

Presented by Federico De Masi, Intomics

Understanding the added value and the economic potential of a scientific discovery is of critical importance during the knowledge transfer process to the biomedical or biotechnological business. During this workshop, we will work through key activities to manage innovation in the market.
Goals of the workshop:

  • Intellectual property identification, valuation and assessment.
  • Knowledge transfer strategy
Workshop 5 - Biotech Based Companies & Start-ups: from labs to businesses

Presented by Will Wright, Accelerace, Europe seed incubator

A workshop based on insights gained from the journey from the lab to within a start-up. Emphasis will be placed on the challenges of transitioning from the world of natural to the social sciences. Advice on dos and don’ts will be supported with ‘real life’ case examples and insights from the Nordic Life Science Ecosystem.

Workshop 6 - Scientific writing: from concept to peer review

Presented by Miriam Alcalay, IEO-Milan

Writing is one of the most common means of expression for scientists. Their career success depends greatly on how well they are able to transmit their results and research plans. This course will cover the key principles of effective writing and apply them specifically to scientific manuscripts. Examples from the literature and students’ abstracts will be discussed.

Please note that if you join this this workshop, you give your consent to us forwarding your abstract to the workshop organizer.

Workshop 7 - The gender gap in science: from equality to opportunities

Presented by Susanna Chiocca, IEO-Milan

The workshop will discuss the four different areas which LIBRA, an EC H2020-funded project, embraces, with a particular emphasis on the sex and gender dimension of research:

  • Recruitment policies and procedures
  • Career development and training
  • Work-life balance
  • Sex and gender dimension of research
Workshop 8 - Science communication: from bench to newsfeed

Presented by Lucas Sánchez and Beatriz Sevilla, Scienseed

If science doesn’t resonate with society, it will not be trusted or supported. That is why we need to make sure the things that happen in the lab don’t stay in the lab and make it out there!
Goals of the workshop:

  • To learn how to transform a research result into an engaging story
  • To transmit that story using different channels and formats

Opportunity Fair

Where is the Next Challenge in your Career? The ENABLE opportunity fair will be a unique occasion for young and talented researchers to meet with companies and public organisations and build up constructive interactions with people from various life science sectors. Representatives will be present from:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies
  • Recruiting agencies
  • Editing/publishing companies
  • Academic organisations
  • Scientific Societies
  • Business schools

Information about the attending companies will follow soon.