Do I have to pay the registration fee if I apply for a travel grant?

Yes. In case you are awarded a travel grant your registration fee will be fully reimbursed.

What happens if I do not get the travel grant and decide not to attend?

Just like all other participants, you will have the chance to cancel the registration with a full refund until the September 16th. Travel grants will be announced before this date (by the end of July).

Does every participant have to present a poster or short talk?


Is it possible to only a give pub talk and not present a poster/short talk?

No. We encourage everybody to at least present a poster.

I have been selected for a short talk, can I also present a poster?

Yes, selected short talk speakers can but do not have to present a poster.

Can I attend more than one workshop?

Maybe. On the one hand we want to prevent to overload the workshops, on the other hand we want to allow a maximum of people to take advantage of them. Depending on the capacity of each workshop, we might be able to spontaneously admit more people. More information will be shared with you during the symposium. Also keep in mind that career chats and the job fair will be taking place in parallel.

What if I am a first year Ph.D. student and I do not have data to present?

We strongly encourage you to present a poster about your general project even if it is only background information and experimental plans.

I am finishing my master degree, but will be a PhD student when the symposium takes place, can I still register and be eligible for a travel grant?

Yes, If you have been carrying out research and wish to explain your results, we will welcome your application, and you will be eligible to apply for a travel grant.

Can I apply for a travel grant if I only present a poster?

Yes, you can and are encouraged to do so.

If I apply for a pub talk and a travel grant, can I send the layman abstract and the motivation letter together in one email?

For administrative reasons it is better to send the pub talk abstract and the motivation letter in separate emails and use a clear subject to make sure we understand which document you sent us.

Where can I check who is giving the workshops and what they are about?

We will release details regarding the workshops as soon as they are confirmed and we are certain about them. Until then, please refer to the list of topics we would like to cover which you can find in the registration form.

Are there special hotel offers for people attending the symposium?

The Van der Valk Hotel, which is also the venue of ENABLE 2019, has special conditions for attendees of the symposium. You can find a link to the offer and a list of other options for accommodation as well as means of transportation from nearby airport here.

If I get a travel grant, is the registration fee included in the 250€?

Travel grant winners receive a registration waiver on top of the dedicated amount for travel and accommodation.

Can you please explain why you offer free bikes as well as a bus transfer?

We are very happy to be able to offer free bikes to ENABLE 2019 attendees for the duration of the symposium. These will help you get around Nijmegen and to the venue and are an alternative to public transport. The bus transfer that is mentioned in the registration form is solely for transportation to/from the Dinner with Speakers event + party which will be held on Thursday evening.

What is the deadline for submission of abstracts for student presentations and pub talks?

If you want to apply for a travel grant you must submit your abstract (student presentation or pub talk) by July 15th. After that period, the deadline for abstract submission is September 16th. If you submit it later than that we won’t be able to consider your application for the respective talks. The abstracts need to be sent to events.rha@radboudumc.nl with all information necessary to assign the abstract to your registration (first and last name + type of abstract).