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Springer Nature is a major new force in scientific, scholarly, professional and educational publishing. By using its combined expertise, scale and the reach of our brands, the company aims to grow and innovate in order to better serve academic researchers, students, teachers, institutions, professionals and the wider public, by helping them discover more. Springer Nature was created through the combination of Nature Publishing Group, Palgrave Macmillan,Macmillan Education and Springer Science+Business Media in May 2015. This strategic merger brought together these dynamic publishing houses with more than 150 years of history behind them, as well as complementary geographic footprints and brand portfolios, a track record of creativity and innovation, and a shared vision to advance knowledge and learning around the world. The company numbers almost 13,000 staff in over 50 countries and has a turnover of EURO 1.5 billion.

Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company specialized in computational drug discovery using a pay-per-use SaaS platform (Software as a Service) located at the Barcelona Science Park and the Copenhagen Bio Science Park. We are pioneers in the use of SaaS technology for computational drug design, Big Data and Machine Learning. Our goal is to make in-silico drug discovery easily accessible, scalable, and affordable to accelerate the development of new drugs through our unique platform and consultancy services. We work with over 30 biotechnology, pharmaceutical and veterinary companies as well as research centres and universities around the world. We have also been committed to R&D from day one in order to continue offering the cutting edge technologies and services. Mind the Byte has collaboration agreements with local and international universities and research institutes to discover new methods and algorithms for data processing in biomedical research. In this regard, are members of several consortia funded by the EU.

Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Our pursuit is progress for people everywhere. That’s why we take a closer look at things, ask questions and think ahead. We’ve been around for almost 350 years, yet our majority owners are still the descendants of Friedrich Jacob Merck, the man who founded our company in Darmstadt, Germany in 1668. Since then, we have become a truly global company, with 50,000 employees in 66 countries working on breakthrough solutions and technologies. Merck products touch our lives in diverse ways. From sunscreen and sparkly lipstick, to cancer therapies and technologies that affect how people will live and work in the future. But it’s not just products that make us unique. Our employees and our culture also set the Merck brand apart.

Merck Ventures is the strategic, corporate venture capital arm of Merck. Its mandate is to invest in innovative technologies and products with the potential to significantly impact Merck‘s core business areas. From our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in the US and Israel we invest globally in transformational ideas driven by great entrepreneurs. Merck Ventures takes an active role in its portfolio companies and teams up with entrepreneurs and co-investors to translate innovation towards commercial success. Merck Ventures has a significant focus on early-stage investing and company creation including the creation of pin-offs to leverage Merck‘s science and technology base.

Design Health Barcelona (d·HEALTH Barcelona) is a postgraduate program inspired in the prestigious Stanford University’s Biodesign Fellowship that transforms students into healthcare entrepreneurs. During 9 months, multidisciplinary teams made up of four people with backgrounds in Life Sciences, Engineering, Business and Design will enjoy a full cycle of innovation – from need identification in hospitals to invention and early-stage implementation , and will be mentored by more than 70 international experts . As part of the EIT Health consortium, during the program the d·HEALTH teams have the opportunity to meet and interact with similar projects in Europe: validating needs in other ecosystems (Karolinska/ Sweden and Galway/Ireland), connecting with other biomedical and entrepreneurship ecosystems and meeting fellows from other programs sharing experiences.

The Biotechnology Business Institute was founded in 2013 not just as a business school but as an active stakeholder for the international Pharma & Biotech sector in life sciences and drug discovery. As a consequence, our students not only receive the best training programs available, but also become, from the first day, professionals and members of the community. Our programs are within the ‘discover and transfer’ initiative where in collaboration with two of the main technology transfer offices in Barcelona, our students work on real patents for the development of real drug candidates. Also, IEB International Seminars with professionals from global positions, our Team Building weekend and the Leadership Weekend, bring an international and business perspective on the sector. Our mission is to grow young professional profiles into future leaders to be part of the best institutions, companies and national healthcare systems. Innovation, biotechnology, technology transfer, pharmaceutical industry, life sciences, healthcare, all serve to improve people’s life, and that is our vision.

HPCNow! provides its customers with technology and solutions to address complex issues in the field of high performance computing, data storage, and Big Data systems. HPCNow! can offer experts in services that span multiple areas, including cluster design and installation, supercomputer administration and deployment, and optimization of distributed file systems. Our company also offers training and consulting services for public and private companies in science and engineering sectors. Additionally, we contribute to the development of several open source projects related to HPC. HPCNow! provides its customers with the best solutions, getting the most out of their systems and maximizing the investment made. HPCNow! is a consulting business mainly working in supercomputing. We stand out from our competitors by offering our extensive knowledge and expertise in HPC. We have worked and collaborated in this area with many companies and institutions in several sectors: pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, meteorological, automotive, aeronautical, banking...

At MDPI, we aim to best serve science by making all content openly available while offering rigorous, fair, peer-review and maintaining a rapid publication process (less than 50 days in average). All articles submitted to MDPI journals appear under a CC BY license. MDPI stands at the forefront of open access publishing and there are now over 170 peer-reviewed journals in our portfolio. In 2016, over 90% of MDPI’s content was indexed by Web of Science. We also support a wide range of initiatives to foster open science and scholarly exchange:

  • Sciforum.net—A platform for academic communication and collaboration where scholars can organize their own conferences, free of charge.
  • Preprints.org—A multidisciplinary, not-for-profit platform for making research results available prior to peer-review and formal publication.
  • JAMS (Journal and Article Management System)—A fully integrated manuscript and journal management system for university presses and small publishers that incorporates all steps, from submission to publication.

Asphalion is an international Scientific and Regulatory Affairs consultancy, with offices in Barcelona and Munich. We collaborate with Pharma and Biotech companies facilitating Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs projects for Drugs, Biologics, Biosimilars, ATMPs and Medical Devices. Our involvement ranges from early development, through to registration and post-commercialization phases. Since the company was founded in 2000, we have consistently grown and now have a team of over 80 employees with backgrounds in all areas of life sciences. Our consultants are experts in their fields and are in direct contact with European agencies for the implementation of new regulatory standards. We provide global services and work for hundreds of clients from around the world.

AstraZeneca is a global and innovative pharmaceutical company focused to discovery, development and commercialization of drugs under medical prescription, mainly for the treatment of diseases in three different therapeutic areas: Oncology, Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases, and Respiratory. The company, in addition is active in the areas of Autoimmunity, Neuroscience and Infection. AstraZeneca works in more than 100 countries and our innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.