Outreach activities

Our goal is to bring science closer to society. This year, in harmony with our green & environmental theme, public pub talks & pub quizzes will be held on the importance of taking care of our planet. The participants have the possibility of joining pub talks & pub quizzes to raise awareness on adopting a green-lab-initiative in their own labs. FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE brings & popularises science to a younger audience as well, as activities for kindergarten and high school students will encourage their curiosity, educate about environmental impacts and inform about possible career paths in natural sciences.

Activities for the general public


Science and a pint of beer – what could be better? Our team of scientists prepared pub talks about environment and sustainability across Cologne, held both in English and German.

If you think you already know it all about these topics, we will put your knowledge to the test. Join us for a series of pub quizzes on the impact of environmental factors on human health!

Join us at Die Wohngemeinschaft for a pub quiz on environmental importance! You can find more information here and register here.

Our guest lecturers will talk about the most pressing and current environmental issues. This event will take place at Die Wohngemeinschaft, and you can find more information here and register here.

For interested participants, we organize a guided tour through Cologne’s oldest brewery on 22nd of November. Tick the box during the registration for the conference if you wish to attend and we will send you further info via mail.

This event is for participants only, and will take place at the CMMC campus. The LOC created a fun quiz especially for the FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference, and the theme will be focused on research & lab waste. 

Pub talks topics

Minka Aduse-Poku, PhD candidate @ Institute for Didactics in Biology
Green Infrastructure: a lifeline/necessity for Climate change adaptation in Cities

Roberta Colapietro, PhD candidate @ CECAD
Time to take time seriously – How the Environment is affecting our internal clock

Tahira Aslan, PhD candidate @ CECAD
How environmental influences affect fertility and fertility lifespan

Nihan Erden, PhD candidate @ CECAD
Cheers to Sun-Kissed Skin: Unraveling the UV Mystery!

Lab waste art contest

If you work in a wet lab, you know that all the experiments we do consume lots of plastic. Therefore, it’s important to not let all the plastic become waste! In order to encourage this and to stimulate the artist in you, we prepared a small art contest (yes, a prize is involved 😉). Submit your lab-waste-art piece before the 17th of November by sending us a picture on Instagram! Winner will be announced during the closing ceremony, on the 25th of November.

Credit: Tim Schlegel | The Cologne Cathedral

Activities for schools

The scientific method for children

Primary school children will learn the different steps of the scientific endeavour (observation, hypothesis formulation, testing and conclusion) through collective problem-solving strategies of practical scientific problems. Through this exercise, children will learn how science is practiced, develop critical thinking and collaborative thinking.

In order to raise awareness among the new generation about environmental issues, we will visit kindergartens during spring break to teach the students about these burning topics through fun and interactive activities.

How much sun is too much?

Young researchers from the local outreach team taught kindergarten kids about sun exposure and how to prevent too much of it through fun and intense activities. 


Group photo showing adults on the back row and children sitting in front, all wearing hats to protect from the sun.