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This year’s FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference will be held in Singapore. Singapore, a vibrant city-state nestled in Southeast Asia, is renowned for its harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. Boasting a dynamic skyline adorned with futuristic skyscrapers juxtaposed against lush greenery, Singapore is a melting pot of diverse cultures, cuisines, and languages. From iconic landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay to bustling hawker centers and vibrant neighborhoods, Singapore offers visitors a captivating tapestry of experiences.

Moreover, Singapore is globally recognized for its forward-thinking approach towards embracing cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). With a strong commitment to innovation and digital transformation, Singapore has positioned itself as a leading hub for AI research, development, and implementation. The city-state’s supportive ecosystem, characterized by government initiatives, robust infrastructure, and partnerships with industry stakeholders, fosters a conducive environment for AI-driven solutions to thrive. From healthcare and finance to transportation and urban planning, Singapore’s openness to AI is driving transformative changes across various sectors, contributing to its status as a dynamic and future-ready nation.

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Our venue: LKCMedicine

The Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is a pioneering institution committed to shaping the future of medical education and healthcare. Established in 2013 as a strategic partnership between NTU and Imperial College London, LKCMedicine embodies a unique blend of Eastern and Western medical traditions while incorporating innovative teaching methodologies and cutting-edge research.

Located in Singapore, LKCMedicine’s faculty comprises distinguished medical professionals, researchers, and educators who are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of healthcare leaders. Through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, LKCMedicine faculty members engage in groundbreaking research across various medical disciplines, contributing to advancements in healthcare and biomedical sciences.

In addition to its focus on academic excellence and research, LKCMedicine is committed to serving the community through healthcare outreach programs and partnerships with healthcare institutions in Singapore and beyond. The school’s holistic approach to medical education encompasses not only clinical skills and scientific knowledge but also empathy, professionalism, and cultural competence.

Overall, the LKCMedicine at NTU stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in medical education, research, and healthcare, poised to make a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape.


Directions to the 2024 FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE conference

11 Mandalay Road, Singapore 308232 | Clinical Sciences Building

The upcoming conference will take place at the Clinical Sciences Building at LKCMedicine. Multiple transportation options are accessible for attendees to reach the venue, including:

  • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT): The location is approximately a 10 to 15-minute walk from Novena MRT (NS20).
  • Bus: Numerous bus services operate near the venue, with service numbers including 21, 124, 130, 131, 145, and 186.
  • Private Hires/Taxis: To arrange a private hire car, attendees can utilize the Grab application, widely available on most application stores. Alternatively, taxis are readily available for roadside flagging.
  • Directions to the 2024 FEBS-IUBMB-ENABLE Gala Dinner

    16 Ah Hood Rd, Singapore 329982 | Aloft Singapore Novena

    The gala dinner will take place at the conference hotel (📍Aloft Singapore Novena, situated at 16 Ah Hood Rd). The hotel is conveniently located within a 10-15 minute walk from the conference venue. This dinner will take place on the second night of the conference, scheduled for December 5th, 2024.